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  1. keep good company. don’t hang out with negative, bitchy, judgmental assholes (or…don’t hang out with them too much. sometimes you gotta, especially if they’re family).
  2. don’t do too many drugs or drink too much. (do shit, but everything in moderation.)
  3. floss
  4. hydrate
  5. unplug. we’re all too fucking plugged in, including me. put your phone in a drawer the next time you’re hanging out with someone. it feels amazing.
  6. yoga, mediation, or any kind of mindfulness practice is gold. it keeps me sane, at least. i don’t think i’d be here, where i am, without those things.
  7. i’ve been doing this one lately and finding it incredibly handy…occasionally look around, or wake up, and ask: “how can i be helpful” instead of “what do i want”. it re-focuses you.
  8. don’t take shit too seriously. everything changes.
  9. remember every so often that you’re going to die. sounds weird, but it helps. lastly….
  10. don’t watch stupid television, and especially stay away from advertising. it rots your time and your brain and your soul.

The inimitable Amanda Palmer shares her advice on life in answering a college freshman’s question about how to love oneself physically and mentally – fantastic addition to this archive of essential advice on life.

David Foster Wallace would vigorously agree with her last point.

Also see Palmer on the art of asking without shame and on the terrifying joy of sharing your creativity online.

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